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Cities and light planning : experiences and perspectives from around the world : Lyon, Ghent, Guangzhou, Paris, Leipzig, Philadelphia, Copenhagen (book)

Cities and light planning : experiences and perspectives from around the world : Lyon, Ghent, Guangzhou, Paris, Leipzig, Philadelphia, Copenhagen

 / Deleuil, J-M. — Lyon, France : LUCI Association, 2010.

 57 pages : colour illustrations.

 Reproducing the presentations made at four LUCI conferences in 2009, the book explores the experiences, challenges
 and strategies of urban light planning policies in Lyon, Ghent, Guangzhou, Paris, Leipzig, Philadelphia and

Executive Policy Governance (book)

Executive policy governance: A leadership model for local government

 / Cuff, G. B. — Union, ON : Municipal World, 2014.

 vi, 150 pages. — (Municipal knowledge series)

 Discusses effective leadership for municipal leaders based on democratic principles. It addresses the principles that
 define effective councils; governance models; acting within a decision-making framework; establishing a policy
 framework; the importance of council meetings and the mayor; the role of standing committees, agencies, boards
 and commissions; administration's relationship with council; and citizen participation.

From Intelligent to Smart Cities (book)

From intelligent to smart cities

 / Deakin, M. & Al Waer, H. (Eds.). — Abingdon, Oxfordshire ; New York : Routledge, 2012 ; reprinted in 2014.

 v, 89 pages : illustrations, maps, index, bibl.

 Comprised of papers exploring the transition to smart cities in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and Europe.
 Topics addressed include spatial intelligence, the embedded intelligence of cities, the use of information
 communication technologies, form-based codes, electronic governance and the role of place.

Reprints articles originally published in the special issue of Intelligent Buildings International 3(3), 2011, which was titled
 "From Intelligent to Smart Cities."

Housing Policy in the United States (book)

Housing policy in the United States

 / Schwartz, A. F. — Third edition — New York ; Abingdon, Oxon : Routledge, ©2015 ; [2014].

 xviii, 464 pages : illustrations, graphs, tables, index, bibl.

 Provides an overview of housing trends and issues in the United States. The book addresses homelessness; housing
 affordability; housing finance; the Low-Income Housing Tax credit; housing vouchers; privately-owned rental housing
 built with federal subsidy; public housing; state and local housing policy; non-profit housing; accessible housing; home
 ownership; and the 2007 foreclosure crisis and policy response.

Stalled: The Representation of Women in Canadian Governments (book)

Stalled: The representation of women in Canadian governments

 / Trimble, L., Arscott, J., & Tremblay, M. (Eds.). — Vancouver : UBC Press, 2013.

 xxiii, 333 pages : graphs, tables, index, bibl.

 Analyzes political involvement by women in Canada at all levels of government and considers the under-representation
 of women in Canadian politics and barriers impeding their inclusion. Each chapter focuses on a particular level or
 jurisdiction, with an entire paper on women in municipal politics.

Use-Value Assessment of Rural Land in the United States (book)

Use-value assessment of rural land in the United States

 / Anderson, J. E. & England, R. W. — Cambridge, MA : Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, 2014.

 169 pages : graphs, tables, index, bibl.

 Explains the history, key features and processes of use-value assessment (UVA) programs in 44 states; UVA aims to
 prevent the conversion of rural land to developed uses by offering undeveloped lands at lower assessment rates. The
 book analyzes the theory behind UVA and presents empirical studies of UVA implementation and impacts. Finally, it
 criticizes UVA programs and recommends reforms.

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