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The Creative Class Goes Global (book)

The creative class goes global

 / Mellander, C., Florida, R. L., Asheim, B. T., & Gertler, M. S. (Eds.). — Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2013.

 xx, 319 pages : illustrations, graphs, maps, tables, index, bibl. —
 (Regions and cities (Regional Studies Association) ; 69)

 Includes papers investigating the adoption of Richard Florida's creative class theory for urban and regional economic
 development in a number of countries. The book is organized by area, covering (1) the U.S. and Canada; (2) Nordic
 countries, Sweden and Europe; and (3) Australia, Japan and China. Of particular relevance is chapter 3, which
 examines the role of technology, talent (i.e., human capital) and tolerance in Canadian regional development.

Planning and Drought (book)

Planning and drought

 / Schwab, J. C. (Ed.). — Chicago : American Planning Association, 2013.

 93 pages : colour illustrations, graphs, colour maps, glossary, bibl. —
 (Report (American Planning Association. Planning Advisory Service) ; number 574)

 Discusses the impacts of drought on water, public health, environment, the built environment and the economy;
 comments on spatial and seasonal patterns of drought; describes resources to track it; and identifies planning
 activities to address drought and the impacts of climate change. It also covers drought awareness communication
 strategies for the community. Case studies illustrating the practical application of planning for drought in the United
 States and Australia. The conclusion looks at the community and regional benefits of drought mitigation.

Rethinking the American City (book)

Rethinking the American city : an international dialogue

 / Orvell, M. & Benesch, K. (Eds.). — Philadelphia : University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014.

 xvi, 245 pages : index, bibl. — (Architecture, technology, culture)

 Each chapter in the book includes an analytical essay and a dialogue of scholars on one of nine facets of the American
 city from an international perspective. The discussion focuses on the history, current practices and social aspects of
 each theme. The nine themes include energy, sustainability, urban multiculturalism, urban ruins, aesthetic space,
 designing the city, mobility, the digital city and the city of the future. The conclusion has each contributor reflect on
 the discussions and identify general themes that emerged from the discourse. The discourse took place over a
 two-day period in Munich.

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