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Leaders in the Shadows: The Leadership Qualities of Municipal Chief Administrative Officers (book)

Leaders in the shadows: The leadership qualities of municipal chief administrative officers

 / SIEGEL, David. — Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2015.

 xiii, 324 pages : tables, index, bibl. — (The Institute of Public Administration of Canada series in public management
 and governance)

 Through five case studies of former municipal chief administrative officers (CAOs) in Canada, the book identifies the
 key leadership role, traits, skills and behaviours of successful municipal CAOs. Leaders covered in the book include
 Michael Fenn, Mike Garrett, Judy Rogers, Keith Robicheau and Robert Earl.

Leading the Inclusive City (book)

Leading the inclusive city: Place-based innovation for a bounded planet

 / Hambleton, R. — Bristol, UK ; Chicago, IL : Policy Press, 2015.

 xv, 397 pages : illustrations, map, index, bibl.

 The first part reviews trends and challenges related to urbanization, multicultural cities and public sector reform in
 international cities. The second part explores four theoretical concepts of place-based leadership: place, leadership,
 innovation and democratic renewal. The third part provides examples of successful place-based leadership and the
 ability of place-based leadership to improve quality of life through eco-friendly policies, people-friendly cities and
 diversity (i.e., multiculturalism). The final part sums up key lessons and offers insight into the practice of place-based
 leadership beyond the smart cities concept and the potential for international exchange of urban planning practices
 and policies. The book includes 17 case examples from innovative cities throughout the world: New York, Bristol,
 Chicago, Swindon, Enschede, Langrug, Auckland, Malmö, Curitiba, Guangzhou, Freiburg, Copenhagen, Melbourne,
 Hamamatsu, Toronto, Portland and Ahmedabad.

The Metropolitan Century: Understanding Urbanisation and Its Consequences (book)

The metropolitan century: Understanding urbanisation and its consequences

 / Ahrend, R., Lembcke, A. C., & Schumann, A. — Paris : OECD Publishing, 2015.

 1 online resource (126 pages) : graphs, maps, glossary, bibl., JPG.

 Discusses the importance of cities and urbanization to national economies. The second section examines the history
 of urbanization from the origins of cities to post-industrial urbanization; investigates the factors that allow cities to be
 big, have economic wealth and function; explores the effects of large cities on their residents, the country and the
 world; and considers urbanization in the 21st century, including challenges (global and national), the qualities of a
 liveable and sustainable urban environment, and future changes to urban governance in OECD member countries.
 The report was prepared as part of the OECD Urban Trends and Governance project.

Small Business and the City: The Transformative Potential of Small-Scale Entrepreneurship (book)

Small business and the city: The transformative potential of small-scale entrepreneurship

 / Gomez, R., Isakov, A. & Semansky, M. — Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2015.

 xv, 290 pages : illustrations, graphs, maps, index, bibl.

 The first part summarizes the role of the business improvement area (BIA) in main street revitalization; highlights the
 beginning of BIAs in Toronto; and examines the actions, issues encountered and diversity of BIAs in Halifax,
 Vancouver and Toronto. The second part focuses on the actions and value of small businesses for developing the
 local economy, lessons for local economic development policy for supporting small business, why local policy should
 focus on small business, and how to empower the small business sector for the betterment of the city.

Sustainable Urban Industrial Development (PAS report)

Sustainable urban industrial development

 / Leigh, N. G., Hoelzel, N. Z., Kraft, B. R., & Dempwolf, C. S. — Chicago : American Planning Association, 2014.

 68 pages : colour illustrations, graphs, bibl. — (APA Planning Advisory Service Report ; 577)

 Explores sustainable industrial development practices at the local level in the United States. The report covers
 analyzing local conditions, establishing an industrial strategy, strategies and tools for industrial redevelopment (e.g.,
 brownfield redevelopment, infrastructure and business improvement districts), supporting entrepreneurship, business
 retention and expansion, industrial collaboration and workforce development. Three sustainable, urban industrial
 development case studies are included: San Jose, CA; Milwaukee, WI; and Philadelphia, PA.

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