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Contrats municipaux : manuel sur les meilleures stratégies (book)

Contrats municipaux: Manuel sur les meilleures stratégies

 / Laprise, S. & Émond, F. — Brossard, QC : Wolters Kluwer Québec Ltée, 2014.

 xiii, 232 pages : illustrations, index, bibl.

 The book offers practices and strategies for procurement decision making at the municipal level in Québec. It discusses
 the following topics related to municipal procurement: the positioning of the municipality with regards to its contractual
 practices (e.g., applicable policies, contract models and ethical rules), preparing contract documents, contract ethics,
 needs analysis, the selection of the method for soliciting offers and awarding the contract, planning the contracting
 process, identifying risks to be managed, the call for tenders, the necessity and management of written contracts, and
 the publishing of contractual information.

La fiscalité locale : municipale, scolaire et régionale (book)

La fiscalité locale: Municipale, scolaire et régionale

 / Delisle, P. & Roy, J-A. — Brossard, QC : Wolters Kluwer Québec Ltée, 2014.

 xlvi, 510 pages : index.

 Deals with the rules governing the making of the assessment roll and the various remedies available to taxpayers to
 challenge this role. It provides a brief history of property taxation reform in Québec. The book covers a number of
 financial subjects, (e.g., municipal budgets, taxes, tariffs, compensation and loans) and their relationship to property
 assessment. It also examines the various powers granted to local municipalities and school boards in taxation,
 financing of supra-organisms and the obligations of the federal and provincial governments to pay local municipalities
 in lieu of property taxes.

The PerformanceStat Potential: A Leadership Strategy for Producing Results (book)

The PerformanceStat potential: A leadership strategy for producing results

 / Behn, R. D. — Cambridge, MA : Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, John F. Kennedy School of
 Government, Harvard University ; Washington, DC : Brookings Institution Press, 2014.

 1 online resource (xvi, 413 pages) : graphs, tables, appendices, index, PDF. —
 (Innovative governance in the 21st century)

 After an introductory chapter looking at examples of the implementation of the PerformanceStat public leadership
 strategy (e.g., CompStat and CitiStat) and its evolution, primarily in the United States, the book explains the leadership
 principles, key operational components and other aspects of PerformanceStat strategies (e.g., data collection and
 analysis, meetings and follow-up). It also addresses how to determine the effects of the strategy on the organization.

Urband Lighting, Light Pollution and Society (book)

Urban lighting, light pollution and society

 / Meier, J., Hasenöhrl, U., Krause, K., & Pottharst, M. (Eds.). — Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2015.

 xi, 311 pages : illustrations, graphs, maps, tables, index, bibl.

  Presents a multi-disciplinary look at the perceptions, historical evolution, regulation and impact of urban lighting and
 light pollution. The first section includes papers discussing the development and technological changes of artificial
 lighting in the world (e.g., United States and Turkey), lighting in literature and the prevalence of light festivals. The
 papers in the second section explore the tensions caused by artificial lighting, municipal lighting master plans,
 regulating light pollution in Europe and creating dark sky areas; the latter includes a case study of Torrance Barrens
 RASC Dark-Sky reserve in the District of Muskoka, ON. The chapters in the final section examine the economic
 implications of artificial lighting, resident perceptions and values of light and dark, and the economic benefits of a
 darker sky.

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