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Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs (book)

Ecodesign for cities and suburbs

 / Barnett, J. & Beasley, L. — Washington, DC : Island Press, 2015.

 ix, 262 pages : colour illustrations, colour maps, index.

 Focusing on development practice in the U.S. and Canada with some international examples, the book explains
 ecodesign concepts, including the importance of preserving and restoring natural systems. The chapters specifically
 address mitigating and adapting to climate change; minimizing congestion on highways and at airports by making
 development more compact as well as constructing neighbourhoods that encourage walking, cycling and accessing
 public transit; three frequent blind spots in development regulations (i.e., treating land as a commodity, separating
 uses and densities, and basing zones on arbitrary categories rather than functional segments); regulations for
 compact, mixed-use urban centres, downtown housing, social diversity, infill housing and new neighbourhoods; and
 creating an inviting and ecologically sound public space and urban parks. The final chapter discusses how to
 implement the ecodesign concepts introduced by earlier chapters. The book includes examples from Vancouver, BC,
 as well as references to other Canadian cities.

Food and Urbanism: The Convivial City and a Sustainable Future (book)

Food and urbanism: The convivial city and a sustainable future

 / Parham, S. — London ; New York : Bloomsbury Academic, 2015.

 ix, 362 pages : illustrations, index, bibl.

 The book explores the connections between food and urbanism, public space and sustainability as well as food
 production for urban regions. Sections focus on food in the private domain (e.g., gardens and kitchens); urbanism in
 the outdoor realm, including commercial food spaces, food celebrations, urban agriculture and food supply in
 suburban areas; and food spaces along the urban fringe and at the metropolitan scale. Examples from diverse
 international places are used for illustration, e.g., Canada, the U.K., the U.S., Norway, Germany, France, Denmark,
 Finland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania and Australia.

Green Infrastructure (book)

Green infrastructure : incorporating plants and enhancing biodiversity in buildings and urban environments

 / Dover, J. W. — Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2015.

 vii, 337 pages : colour illustrations, graphs, tables, index, bibl.

 The book defines what constitutes green infrastructure; identifies the economic, health and environmental benefits of
 green infrastructure; explains how to incorporate vegetation through indoor design, permeable pavements, green
 walls, green roofs and street trees; and discusses policy, regulation and incentives to encourage green infrastructure
 additions in urban environments.

Parking Management for Smart Growth (book)

Parking management for smart growth

 / Wilson, R. W. — Washington, DC : Island Press, 2015.

 xvi, 232 pages : illustrations, tables, index, bibl.

 Focusing predominantly on the situation in the United States, the book looks at four categories of negative impacts of
 unmanaged parking, defines key parking management terms, explains the basic techniques of parking management
 and their benefits, and describes the steps and planning process for strategic parking management and managing an
 integrated, financially sustainable parking supply. It also includes best practices for parking management techniques
 and strategies, identifies key challenges, and demonstrates how parking management fits into a smart growth planning

Suburban Governance: A Global View (book)

Suburban governance: A global view

 / Hamel, P. & Keil, R. (Eds.). — Toronto : University of Toronto Press, 2015.

 xiv, 393 pages : illustrations, graphs, tables, index, bibl. — (Global suburbanisms)

 The first section of the book addresses theoretical governance tools and structures for suburban areas and the issues
 arising from suburban governance. The second part focuses on suburban governance in the United States, Canada
 and Australia. Chapters in the third section look at suburban development and governance in historically developed
 areas, shrinking housing estates, and culture of the suburbs in Western and Eastern Europe as well as suburban
 governance in Latin America. The final section explores suburban governance in emerging areas, e.g., India, Africa
 and China.

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