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Canadian Cities in Transition: Perspectives for an Urban Age (book)

Canadian cities in transition: Perspectives for an urban age

 / Filion, P., Moos, M., Vinodrai, T., Walker, R. C. (Eds.). — Fifth edition — Don Mills, ON : Oxford University Press, 2015.

 xiv, 457 pages : illustrations, graphs, maps (some colour), tables, glossary, index, bibl.

 Explores issues affecting the form, economies, governance, demographics and planning in Canadian cities in the
 twenty-first century. The book is organized into three parts: (1) the changing parameters of urban form, structure and
 policy; (2) the structuring parameters of cities in an urban age; and (3) planning, policy and challenges in an urban age.
 Topics addressed include the history and future of urbanization in Canada, urban sustainability, economic change and
 resilience in Canadian cities, globalization, labour markets, urban demography, immigration and urban multiculturalism,
 homelessness, inequality, transportation and land use interactions, urban governance, designing healthy and sustainable
 communities, declining and slow growth cities, urban forms, usage and evaluation of public space, the impact of
 generational cohorts on cities, urban Aboriginal populations, gender and sexual minorities, food systems, gender and
 sexuality issues related to socio-spatial structures and inequality, and suburban area growth and politics.

Planning for Community Resilience (book)

Planning for community resilience: A handbook for reducing vulnerability to disasters

 / Masterson, J. H., Peacock, W. G., Van Zandt, S. S., Grover, H., Schwarz, L. F., & Cooper, J. T. — Washington, DC :
 Island Press, 2014.

 1 online resource (x, 244 pages) : appendix, index, bibl., PDF.

 Defines community resilience; discusses the interactions between community characteristics and hazard exposure;
 explains how to assess hazard exposure, physical vulnerability and social vulnerability to natural disasters; and
 describes planning strategies to assess hazard mitigation plans and planning tools to address hazard mitigation and
 adaptation (e.g., building standards, natural resource protection, incentive tools and property acquisition programs).
 The recommendations are based on planning work post-Hurricane Ike in Galveston, TX. The appendix lists federally
 authorized disaster assistance programs; education and training programs; best practices in hazard mitigation; best
 practices by hazard type; best practices in planning, management and administration; technical tools and modelling
 tools for best practices; academic resources on best practices; and organizations and associations.

Urban Canada (book)

Urban Canada

 / Hiller, H. H. (Ed.). — Third edition — Don Mills, ON : Oxford University Press, 2014.

 xxii, 410 pages : illustrations, graphs, tables, glossary, index, bibl.

 Following a textbook format with introductions, questions, suggested readings and resources for each chapter, the book
 discusses a number of Canadian urban sociological issues, including urbanization, urban demographics, Aboriginal
 urbanization, rural and urban economies, immigration, crime and the safety of urban open space, gender, homelessness,
 urban consolidation and political response in Québec, Toronto's urban form, and social sustainability.

The Urban Design Handbook (book)

The urban design handbook: Techniques and working methods

 / Gindroz, R., Robinson, R., Ostergaard, P., Long, B. J., Connor, M., Osth, E., & Levine, K. — Second edition — 
 New York : W. W. Norton and Company, 2013.

 240 pages : illustrations (chiefly colour), colour maps, plans, appendices, index.

 Presents urban design processes and practices used by the Urban Design Associates, a design firm in Pittsburgh, with
 examples from completed projects. The book examines the basic principles and processes of urban design, frameworks
 and development patterns, design implementation tools (viz. master plan reports, form-based codes, design guidelines
 and pattern books), visualization techniques, and architectural guidelines and projects.

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