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Aménagement et Urbanisme (book)

Aménagement et urbanisme

 / Laperrière, M., Rousseau, G., & Tanguay, P. — Montréal : LexisNexis Canada, 2015.

 205 pages en pagination multiple : index. — (JurisClasseur Québec. Collection Thema)

 The book is composed of booklets from the work "Droit municipale" on three subjects and includes extracts from An
 Act Respecting Land Use Planning and Development. The first section focuses on planning and development in
 Québec (i.e., metropolitan plan, regional plan, urban plan and interim control). The second section covers traditional
 urban planning tools, including zoning regulations, subdivision, parkland dedication, building standards, regulations
 on the issuing of construction permits. The final section examines discretionary planning, i.e., minor exemptions,
 site planning and architectural integration, regulation on the demolition of buildings, construction and alteration of
 buildings, building occupancy, the comprehensive development plan and conditional uses.

Better Decisions Together (book)

Better decisions, together: A facilitation guide for community engagement

 / Caldwell, W. J., Bell, J., & Procter, K. — Union, ON : Municipal World, 2015.

 iv, 144 pages : illustrations. — (Municipal knowledge series)

 The first chapter examines what constitutes citizen engagement in municipal planning, its rationale and methods of
 engagement. Subsequent chapters explore how to use facilitated processes to generate principles and a vision
 statement; harnessing conflict in the citizen engagement process for positive outcomes; the importance of
 storytelling to the process; and designing the community engagement process (e.g., the circle dialogue process, the
 key characteristics of good facilitation, and conducting and preparing for meetings). Some examples from
 engagement in municipalities, primarily Guelph, ON, are included.

Beyond Urbanism (book)

Beyond urbanism

 / Sordi, J. — Trento : LISt Lab Laboratorio, 2014.

 218 pages : illustrations (some colour), colour maps, bibl.

 The first section explores concepts and the history of landscape urbanism. The book Investigates the spatial
 implications of the innovation economy, urban design and ecological urbanism practice. The second section consists
 of interviews with scholars of landscape urbanism. The final section is comprised of twelve brief summaries of
 landscape urbanism development projects: Stoss, Detroit Future City, Detroit, Michigan, U.S. (2012), MVRDV,
 Freeland, Almere, Netherlands (2011), Field Operations, Water City, Qianhai, China (2011), MVVA, Lower Don Lands
 Masterplan, Toronto, Canada (2011), West 8, Toronto Central Waterfront, Toronto, Canada (2006), SWA, Buffalo Bayou
 Promenade, Houston, Texas, U.S. (2006), Groundlab Plasmastudio, Flowing Gardens, Xian, China (2011), Turenscape,
 Houtan Park, Shanghai, China (2010), RMA, Hathigaon Elephant Village, Jaipur, India (2008), SCAPE, Oyster-Tecture,
 New York, U.S. (2010), OPSYS, Du benholz, Zurich, Switzerland (2011), and Mose Ricci UNIGE, ecolecce, Lecce,
 Italy (2010).

Move (book)

Move: Putting America's infrastructure back in the lead

 / Kanter, R. M. — New York : W. W. Norton and Company, 2015.

 325 pages : index, bibl.

 Explores the state of transportation infrastructure in the United States and offers recommendations for improvements.
 The book covers railway transit, air transit, smart roads, mass public transit, bicycle sharing and financing
 transportation infrastructure improvement (e.g., municipal bonds, toll roads and privatization). It includes a case study
 of the Miami Port Tunnel as a national model.

The Routledge Handbook of Planning for Health and Well-Being (book)

The Routledge handbook of planning for health and well-being: Shaping a sustainable and healthy future

 / Barton, H., Thompson, S., Burgess, S., & Grant, M. (Eds.). — Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2015.

 xxxiv, 617 pages : illustrations, graphs, maps, index.

 Papers in the work explore the connections between the built environment and health (both mental and physical health)
 and provide guidance on neighbourhood, housing and climate change planning to improve health outcomes (e.g.,
 physical activity, active transportation and public open spaces), related environmental factors (e.g., air quality), and
 crime prevention and safety. It highlights health and resiliency integrated planning practices in Australia, Canada
 (Montréal and Vancouver), Finland, Germany (Freiburg), India, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom (Canterbury) and
 the United States (Portland).

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