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Emerging Urbanism: Urban Planning & Design in Times of Structural and Systemic Change (book)

Emerging urbanism: Urban planning & design in times of structural and systemic change

 / Haas, T. & Olsson, K. (Eds.). — Farnham, Surrey ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate, 2014.

 1 online resource (xiii, 185 pages) : index, bibl., EPUB. — (Design and the built environment series)

 Compiles essays examining how forces of structural change affect the planning and form of the urban landscape.
 Papers in the first section consider the impact of modern trends on urban planning and urban theory, covering biophilic
 urbanism, the need to account for time in planning, innovation in the knowledge economy and representation of urban
 space. The second section focuses on planning processes and urban change, including the role of social capital for
 growth processes of the knowledge economy, culture in city branding, the concept of place, complementary urbanism
 and social sustainability in urban contexts. The last section includes papers addressing urban design for greenhouse
 gas reduction (e.g., active transportation), the history of urban regulation, the need for flexible planning codes,
 citizen-empowerment and landscape urbanism.

The Manual for Elected Municipal Officials - Ontario (book)

The manual for elected municipal officials – Ontario

 / Polowin, M. S., Champagne, P., & Duchesne, B. M. — Toronto : Wolters Kluwer Québec Ltée, 2015.

 2 volumes (xxii, 236; vi pages) : index.

 With reference to Ontario legislation and case law, the book provides guidance for municipal councils on the composition
 of a muncipal council, term of office, vacancies on council, the role of the head and deputy head of council, the role and
 composition of committees, caucus meetings, regular and special meetings, council meetings procedure, remuneration,
 the reimbursement of expenses, declaration of office, conflict of interest and disclosure of pecuniary interest, prohibition
 against interests in a contract, breach of trust or misconduct, causes for removal from office, proceedings of removal
 of a council member, civil liability of a council member, obligation to defend and indemnify, right to access
 information, employment considerations within municipalities and ethics in municipal affairs.

Le manuel de l'élu municipal (book)

Le manuel de l'élu municipal

 / Mercier, J. & Laprise, C. — 6e édition — Brossard, QC : Publications CCH ltée, 2013.

 xxviii, 285 pages.

 With reference to legislation and case law, the book explains the processes and structures of Québec municipal
 government. It covers the composition of council; municipal term length; the procedure for filling vacant municipal
 seats; the role of the mayor, deputy mayor, council, the executive committee and other committees; obligations
 under the Québec Civil Code; council meeting procedures; remuneration and expenditure reimbursements; divulging
 pecuniary interest; avoiding conflict of interest in municipal contracts; misconduct; removal of a member of council;
 damages and compensation; compliance with access to information legislation; complaints to the labour relations
 board; and ethics in the municipal sphere.

Planning the Pacific Northwest (book)

Planning the Pacific Northwest

 / Sterrett, J., Ozawa, C. P., Ryan, D., Seltzer, E., & Whittington, J. (Eds.). — Chicago : Planners Press, 2015.

 xxi, 370 pages : colour illustrations, graphs, colour maps, tables, bibl.

 Explores the history of planning in the Cascadia region of the United States (i.e., Oregon and Washington). The first
 section covers the transition from resource-based local economies to high-tech based economies and introduction of
 growth management legislation and mechanisms to control development. The second section discusses the change
 in focus to sustainable (green) development and current practices. The final section considers planning approaches
 to wicked problems (e.g., climate change, food systems and cultural preservation) and for the future.

Quality of Life in Cities (book)

Quality of life in cities: Equity, sustainable development and happiness from a policy perspective

 / Michelangeli, A. (Ed.). — Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge, 2015.

 xvi, 166 pages : graphs, maps, tables, index, bibl. — (Routledge advances in regional economics, science and policy ; 8)

 After an overview on the history of urbanization, papers in the book explore the well-being of cities in relation to urban
 structure, sustainability, household well-being and equality; methods for measuring urban quality of life through life
 satisfaction valuation, hedonic price valuation and microsimulation models; and evidence for optimal city size and
 location benefits for agglomeration economies.

Rural By Design (book)

Rural by design: Planning for town and country

 / Arendt, R. G. — Second edition — Chicago : American Planning Association, 2015.

 xii, 525 pages : colour illustrations, index, bibl.

 Provides guidance on planning practices and theory to preserve the rural character and improve the sustainability of
 small towns. The first section deals specifically with the character of towns, including common qualities, changes in
 patterns, alternative patterns and pattern books, form aesthetics, sustainability and downzoning. The second part
 outlines two design approaches with examples: (1) form-based coding and standards and (2) blending new urbanism
 with greenway planning and conservation design. The third part focuses on implementation techniques to broaden
 housing choices (e.g., infill housing), strengthen town centres, and transform gateways and highway corridors. The
 fourth and fifth sections deal with how to improve the design of man-made infrastructure (e.g., streets, stormwater
 management and wastewater treatment) and natural infrastructure (e.g., farmland preservation, greenways,
 subdivision design and transfer of development rights). The book includes case examples of in-town residential, rural
 residential, large-scale mixed use, downtown commercial and mixed-use, commercial corridor mixed-use and
 greenway development in the United States.

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